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City College of London offers a full range of courses for all levels in a great location. We have several qualified teachers who have years of experience in the UK and abroad. Our teachers will help you improve your English and prepare valuable skills and knowledge for your apprenticeship. We believe we can help you to build the future you want. With our support and your determination, anything is possible.


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As a degree apprentice, you will get work experience alongside industry professionals as well as regular 

English Course

Our English for work course is available at all levels and helps you to develop fluently, accurately and the specific.

HND Programmes

The Higher National Diploma (HND) qualification offers a great deal of benefits making it an attractive and.

Functional Skills

The aim of this course is to improve your English, mathematics that allows you to operate confidently, effectively and


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions that new students ask us. Obviously, this is not exhaustive so if you have any questions we haven’t covered here, please submit an online enquiry or call +44 203 6027 533.

Will the classes be online or in person ?

National lockdown restrictions during January and February mean that all of our courses are available online. We aim to keep everyone safe while giving you opportunities to study and finish your course in time.

How do I apply ?

You can apply online for most courses at City College of London by using our application portal. After 3 easy steps, you could become our student:

Step 1: Fulfill and submit online application form on the website.
Step 2: Receive an offer from our staff.
Step 3: Enrol to a course. You will be invited to enrol, either in person or online, on a specific date and time.

How can I make changes to my application ?

Please contact our staffs through email: info@citycollegeoflondon.co.uk or call 020 8049 8080 for further support

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