We are currently under a global pandemic following the spread of COVID-19. As a college, we have undertaken strict regulations in order to minimize and prevent the spread of the virus. All staff and students are required to wear a mask when they come into the building and are encouraged to leave it on inside the building. Hand sanitizer is also available to everyone upon entering the College. Everyone is required to be socially distanced towards each other as best as they can.

Since March 2020, as a College our upmost priority is the safety of our staff and students. The prevention of a mini pandemic within the College is to be avoided at all costs. If the Government imposes more restrictions and announces that all office-based workplaces should work remotely we will implement this as soon as possible. Our building remains open as of now to make work much easier for our staff. We ensure that all rooms are highly ventilated, and staff are at least 2-meteres apart.

Hand sanitizer is available at every room with staff present. The use of antiviral and anti-bacterial cleaning products has been rigorously deployed by our cleaning staff, ensuring a fresh, clean environment. As a safety precaution, our staff are encouraged to order free Covid Home testing kits at least once a month even if they aren’t experiencing any symptoms.